Academic Courses

LCCI Accounting

Interested in accounting/ book-keeping? or deciding to take the LCCI examination?
Sign up now and prepare for the future with internationally recognized Accounting Proficiency Examination

English Phonics Course

Suitable for ages 3 to 12
Free English proficiency evaluation
Let English immerse in their life.
Read when they see.
Write when they listen!

SAT Bootcamp

The SAT is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. Join this boot camp to get yourself equipped with critical SAT exam skills!

English Language Course for Kids

Target: 2 - 5 years-old children
This course will lead children to understand English alphabet and their pronunciation, read and write new words, lets children explore the wonderful English world!

Foundation Putonghua Course

This course aims to equip students with Putonghua language skills, so as to meet their needs of academics, communication and work in the future!

Chinese Abacus Course

Want to enhance your mental calculation and intellect and train your brains? Come and join our Chinese Abacus Course !

High School Mathematics Specialist Class

It is found that a majority of students are troubled by the complicated Mathematics problem when they are promoted to a higher grade.
Join this high school mathematics specialist class! Lay a solid foundation and plan ahead for the examination!!

Senior Secondary Level Physics Specialist Course

We will make use of the “Teaching as inquiry" approach, to conduct learning activities such as hypothesis testing, designing working procedures, gathering data, performing calculations, to enhance students' physics knowledge and academic result.

IELTS Practice course

Learning English is like discovering an oasis after a long walk in the desert!
Sign up now and prep for the future with internationally recognized English proficiency examination IELTS.

General Studies Revision Course

General Studies is the most difficult subject to review, and many parents are often troubled by how to help their children to study General Studies. We sincerely provide parents with effective learning methods to help students learn General Studies.